Hello 2024

Hello 2024

Wild’s 2024 Collection

and were back, and say "were" meaning me. It was touch and go there for a while as 2023 put me in the tumble dryer and threw me out not knowing whether I was inside out or upside down. As you know Sophie left us to pursue something much bigger and more fulfilling. She's doing great and that makes everything better. I took an extended break to try and recover from severe burnout, like so many other brands closing down , us small business owners have endured a heck of a challenge with covid, we are only now really seeing the devastating effects it has to the end price of products and materials. I had reached a point of having no fight left to give and I was hoping I just needed some time to find my creativity and passion again. I focused on my photography, which brings me the most amount of joy and while filling my cup again I am pleased to say that I am on the track, stationary, but at least we are ON THE TRACK! I have a lot to re-learn as Sophs handled the admin side so seamlessly and her spreadsheets are daunting, while mine look like a million scraps of paper, notes written on my hands and all over my children's homework books but it's ok. It a challenge and I am excited for it. So far, no mistakes , phew! 

Thanks for sticking around, thanks for supporting me and being on board with our smaller range of offerings. It has made the world of difference and our once 4 week turnaround time is becoming 2 weeks and soon to be a shop on demand store with shipping in 3 days from order. Imagine that, only took us 7 years to figure that out. HAHA!

As always, with love and gratitude, 

find your wild, with us!

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